Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Here I go again. I think this was taken when I found out what the word "fabulous" means. And it means me. The photographer obviously thought so. Also in this picture are my sister, Laurie, and my brothers, Matthew and Stephen (in the cowboy hat). There are three more brothers and a sister to come.

Red was my color. Dig the plastic on the lampshade!

The photo is stamped "Mar 69" but it looks, from the presence of Santa Claus, like a Christmas picture. I'm guessing it's from December of 1968, but I'm not at all sure. Either way, I was nine years old.


  1. You've hardly changed at all! just add the beard... lucky you.
    Tim says when he was a kid his parents' neighbours all used to cover their lampshades to keep the dust off. I guess there must have been special occasions when the cover came off. P.

  2. 8 kids?

    and yes, you DO look FABULOUS!

    1. anne marie, yes, eight. And I'm the oldest.

  3. Well, what can I say? This is a cutesy-patootsy vintage photo :) How many photos are there out there, probably, from the '60s, with plastic on the lampshades? LOTS. My aunt had plastic runners on her carpet. And let's not forget the clear plastic slipcovers that many had on their sofas. Oh yes. Comfy.

  4. What a treasure!!! You ARE fabulous!

    (Oh, and I love the plastic cover on the lampshade.)

  5. There was a more recent song by the Eagles called "to busy being fabulous" - you must google it for your theme song. See you both soon.

  6. I noticed the shiny lampshade right after that smiling face! Perhaps there was a tag on lampshades back then warning: "...penalty for removal of plastic..." similar to the tags that were always on the pillows!


  7. Ah, youthful exuberance. I had a friend when I was about that age whose mother kept everything under plastic... the furniture, the carpet, my friend. Ok maybe not the latter but still.

  8. That kid looks like trouble....

  9. I can tell it's you!
    The plastic on the lampshade made me chuckle. A good way to make sure it stays clean and new!


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