Sunday, May 04, 2014

From the archives

This is an oldie, but one of my favorite photos. I took this picture in 1992 during a road trip with Ken through Normandy and Brittany. It's the city of Granville on the Normandy coast. The original photograph was a color slide, probably Fujichrome. I scanned it and converted it to a black-and-white image about seven years ago.

Granville, au Cotentin, 1992.

I've since reprocessed the original scan; the result is what you see here. I think it looks a little better now. Except, of course, for the vertical scratch that's visible on the lower half of the slide. My old Pentax camera started scratching the film for some reason. I have hundreds of slides with the same scratch through them. I could remove the scratch with Photoshop, but I decided not to do it today.


  1. Lovely grainy picture...
    and a recognisable make of car, too....
    So unlike the wind-tunnel shaped Euroblobs around!!

    The scratch is from a small bit of grit on the closing blind of the shutter...
    I got one on my Pentax ME Super...
    it was caught just at the join of the metal and the cloth...
    fortunately, very near the top of the picture.
    I also didn't notice it for ages...
    I often wonder if I hadn't jammed it there when cleaning the camera....
    I always used to brush towards the metal strip!!

  2. It is a splendid photo, yes.

  3. tim, it looks very old-timey! I'm not certain about the scratch. I know that I tried many times to clean the camera to no avail. I think it may have been mechanical, but I have no proof (although I still have the camera).

    judy, merci!

    michael, thanks. Are you enjoying your toes? ;)

  4. I can understand about this being one of your favorites. I hadn't even noticed the scratch. But, like you suggest, it would be very easy to remove with photoshop.

  5. Belle photo qui dégage une certaine nostalgie ;-)


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