Sunday, May 11, 2014

The new stove

Our new kitchen stove was delivered on Friday. We decided to replace the older stove when the repair guy told us it wasn't worth repairing. That's also when we decided not to buy a replacement from that company. It took us a while to find the stove that had all the features we wanted. So many were close, and we had nearly decided to do without certain features.

The new stove finally properly installed.

Then, once we decided on this model, two stores had it available for the same price. I tried to buy it from one, but their internet site would not accept my credit card. I tried the second store, but by then the price had increased significantly. So we waited. We went back again to the idea that we'd do without certain features. Then, last week, I looked again at the second store and the price on our first choice had gone back down to where it was earlier. I ordered it, and there was no problem with my credit card (it's the store we've bought appliances from since we got here 11 years ago) and delivery and installation were free, along with them taking away the old stove.

The old model looks ok, but one of the burners didn't work and the electronics were screwed up.

They delivered the stove on Friday. The delivery guys were, well, delivery guys, and they were a bit arrogant and rough with the stove and kind of threw it together. But it worked. Ken and I had to re-level it on Saturday after replacing the gas hose, which needed to be a little longer (not their fault). All that is now done and the stove is in place and working well. We used it on Saturday, both the burners and the oven, and we like it. So far, so good!


  1. I like the new one better; the stainless steel sets off the white walls/appliances. good luck!

  2. Very smart!
    It takes a while to get used to a new stove. (I'm dreading the induction hob on the one in our new house, but it's built in.)
    I hope you have fun with it, and that your spit roast guinea fowl is delicious!

  3. Very nice and shiny. Enjoy using the new spit to roast your guinea fowl.

  4. Very nice, someday I need to replace the 30 year old appliances in the condo.

  5. oooh! smart and shiny! Looks great.

  6. Very nice looking stove. I hadn't realized that SMEG is an Italian company.

  7. Very smart-looking. I've been seeing a lot of bloggers with new SMEG refrigerators so SMEG must be a very big appliance company.
    Your new Stove looks like it was meant to be there all along.

    M in OR

  8. Wow, shiny! Our hob is a SMEG, chosen out of a boating magazine in the dentists (the only sort of magazine there was...). We like the flat pan stands, they don't feel like they are going to tip a pan of boiling potatoes all over your feet. May it give you many happy years of cooking!


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