Saturday, May 17, 2014

The spider and the fly

I wonder if these two were aware of each other. I only saw the fly when I took the picture; finding the spider when I looked at the photo on the computer later was a surprise. They're both perched on an acacia flower.

Will you step into my parlor...

Today we are getting the living room doors replaced. The installation was postponed two weeks ago when our contractor got sick. He called last week to tell us he's better and is ready to install the new doors. We'll probably have photos between us.


  1. That is just an amazing photo ! The detail is fantastic.

  2. Marvellous picture indeed, but wonder if I'm alone in feeling a pang of discomfort for the fly and its most likely fate. (Sometimes having an ever-present sympathy for all animals carries one to some strange areas - or maybe not so strange.)

  3. look how the spider blends into the flower; perhaps that's why the fly did not see it. and look at the red eyes on that fly; he must not be getting enough sleep!

    at least the fly doesn't have a human screaming "HELP ME!"

  4. Wow! I've never even known there were white spiders!

    Mary in OR

  5. Walt, amazing photo! The red of the fly makes the red of the stems pop, while the spider blends into the flowers. Magnificent!

  6. Smashing shot Walt...
    and your surprise just shows how well Crab Spiders can blend into their surroundings...
    a hidden surprise for you...
    and the fly!!

    1. Thanks for identifying that Crab spider, Tim. I looked it up and I can't wait to find my first one. Very interesting about their changing colors.
      Also, I was surprised at how small they are.

      Mary in OR


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