Monday, May 19, 2014

Windows re-boot

Just in case you haven't seen them, here are some more photos of the new living room windows/doors that were installed on Saturday. We're still liking them, but we've noticed that the center doors may be upside down. We're not at all certain, but the lock shows red when open and green when closed.

Getting the room back together with the new windows in place.

Something's not right about that. So, we may have to call the installer back to check it out. The new windows are in the photo above, and the old ones are shown below. There was always a lot of light, but now there's even more. And the unobstructed view without the mullions really brings the outside in.

The old doors were nice, but at nearly 50 years old, they had seen better days.

Here's a bonus shot from another angle that I think emphasizes the light. It helps that it was very sunny outside. And that I was enjoying some red wine.

That's Milos Raonic on tv losing his semi-final match to Djokovic on Saturday in Rome. And I forgot that Callie's play sock was on the floor.


  1. Well the new doors look great ! You have so much light in your living room. With regard to the red/green indicators, it seems to me that many car doors have a red indicator when not locked, so maybe that is similar to this situation where "open/unlocked" is more "dangerous" and therefore red.

  2. Fabulous! You can never have too much light.
    Would it be possible to look at the lock position on the manufacturer's website before you ask the installer to check it - in case it's meant to be like that? Getting your facts right can help to avoid that "what an idiot" look if it is meant to be like that!

  3. I agree with Stuart on the lock colour...
    my first thought on reading was that red meant "not locked"...
    but the light, the light...
    your pictures really show the contrast!
    Even with the curtains down, all that wood certainly blocks out the light!!

  4. I LOVE the callie pillow on the chair. let the light shine in! and the old doors were U-G-L-Y, not becoming with your inviting cozy home.

  5. Don't mince any words there, Anne Marie! :)) I love the look of the old doors/windows, but totally get the advantages of the new ones. And they look great! This big room is so, so, so inviting!

  6. The new look is wonderful. Like Judy, I love the look of the old doors but find the increased visibility much more uplifting. (How very strange about the red vs. green. I'm curious to read what you learn about that.)

  7. Let the Sunshine In! Indeed, the new door and windows really increases the lighting! So who made that wonderful pillow of Callie? I'm betting that someone gifted it to you! There are many websites that I have been reading that give instructions on how to transfer photos although I haven't done it myself as yet. Your Living Room looks so inviting - even with the play sock!!! Your soft green walls and black & white gallery are very nice, also.

    Mary in Oregon

  8. 4 panes to clean with the new sliders vs. 72 panes with the old configuration...what ever are you going to do with all of your newfound free time?

  9. Now you - like your camera - can focus on the view rather than the window.

  10. indeed, what a lovely abode !

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