Thursday, January 15, 2015

Big sky

Here is Tuesday morning's sky again, this time in a much wider shot. I took this photo ten or fifteen minutes before the one from yesterday. The clouds are still pink and are much farther from the moon. The line was moving quickly toward the east as Callie and I made our way through the vineyard.

The sky at sunrise on Tuesday morning. There's another jetliner heading south, to the left of and below the moon.

The wind has been blowing for a few days now. This morning, it's pretty gusty and rain is predicted for most of the day. It should be a lovely walk.


  1. A rather spectacular photo.

  2. I didn't know you had Apache Indians living in the Loire Valley. Because that certainly looks like a smoke signal. Can't make out what it reads, though. Oh wait, maybe they are signaling that they are out of 'fire water'? Maybe you should send over a few bottles of wine ;). Btw, the photo is brilliant! Congratulations on capturing this unique moment.

  3. andrew, thanks, mate! (that's all the Australian I can speak).

    martine, that would be one large fire! lol


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