Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Onion pizza

This is our take on the classic pissaladière (onion pizza). The only real difference here is that I've left out the anchovies. The last time I made one, Ken said that he didn't really like the anchovies, and I agreed. I think we had a particularly strong batch and it was too much. I have made the pissaladière with anchovies in the past and it was good. At any rate, leaving them out is ok if you don't like them.

The second of two small pizzas. Delicious!

Otherwise, it's a simple pizza. All you do is cook down a lot of onions with herbs and white wine (optional), then spread them on a pizza crust, dot with black olives, and bake. Follow it with a green salad and you've got a meal.


  1. I am not a fan of pickled anchovies...
    little brown sticks of salt with a taste of beach to me!
    Pauline is a great fan, tho'.
    However... here in France I have found a compromise...
    the 'tapenade' ones in olive oil are hardly salty and taste like sardine...
    so we now use those...
    and everywhere sells them...
    in different dressings as well as "au nature"!
    So 'chovies on pizzas are no longer a problem!!

    I'll drop a hint to Pauline about this!!

  2. It looks delicious! And the little Tapas anchovies from the chiller cabinet are much nicer than the brined ones. Many years ago I used to lend a key to an elderly neighbour. She startled me by saying "Those little fish weren't half salty"! She'd given half a tin of anchovies to the cat. Barmy as a box of frogs. Pauline

  3. This looks really delicious, even though I am not a fan of onions. Walt, have you ever made a "tart" with ham, mushrooms and 2 different kins of cheese? Trader Joe's sells one with an extremely thin crust. I think it is called a "tarte alsacienne". What is nice with thick or thin pizza dough, any kind of toppings can be added, even sweet fruit...

  4. Looks fantastic. I'm really ready to return to our French cuisine (after almost two months in the States).

  5. tim, I'll have to look for those.

    pauline, barmy as a box of frogs? I have no idea what that means.

    nadege, I've made quiches that way. I'll look up tarte alsacienne and see what I find.

    stuart, I'll bet! When do you return?

    gosia, it was! :)

  6. Barmy as a box of frogs - crazy as a loon? Pauline


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