Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I can tell

It's starting. I can feel the days getting longer. Not so much in the morning, but in the evening, especially when the sky is clear, there is definitely more light. Last night it was still kind of light out at six o'clock.

The metal stakes in the new vineyard parcel line up exactly with those in the older parcel in the foreground.

We watched a documentary on television last night. It was one in a series about deserts, and the desert of the evening was the Mojave in the southwestern United States. Now, I usually have the highest praise for French documentaries. They're thoughtful, informative, well photographed, and not sensationalistic. In other words, boring. I like them like that. But whenever the French do a program that involves people in the United States or Canada, they seem to have a knack for finding the crazies. I looked up the program we saw last night and learned that it was actually produced by a German company. The Germans apparently share France's talent for seeking out and interviewing the loonies in America.

In the Mojave desert, the filmmakers interviewed an old geezer who's life work has been to build a humungous gaudily painted rock sculpture dedicated to Jesus. Another woman told us she is a contractor at the airport where Virgin Galactic and other companies are trying to develop space flight vehicles. She loves her job because, through her, God is helping man get into space so he can be closer to heaven. A woman who once lived on an abandoned western-themed movie set told of the old German man who was holed up in, well, a hole under a rock. He frequently encountered visitors from other worlds, especially those from Venus, who taught him the secret to cell regeneration and eternal youth. He's dead now, she thinks. Then there was the woman, extremely pregnant, who recounted her close encounter with an alien in a white pickup truck. She never said who the father of her child might be, but I was expecting, well, you know.

That's when we changed the channel.


  1. D-d-d-documentaries.....?
    Docucomedies more like!
    Alien in a white pick-up... NAH!!
    t'was Elvis!!

  2. it must be the heat that gets to those crazies...
    (cue "the twilight zone" music here)

  3. What's so crazy about that? You've been away from the States too long, Walt.


  4. Judith, is right. I notice light like you do, Walt. I just am happier with more light. By Bastille day, I'm missing the light. If I go to France in August it helps because your daylight days are longer than ours then. I wish we had documentaries from France, maybe I should look on Netflix.

  5. I wonder if the French are wary of Americans, if that's what they see on the telly.
    And because it's on the telly it must be true!

  6. Yeah, but it's such easy pickin's.

  7. The Mohave (just to the west of us) is quite fascinating. Interesting! I think of conservative GOP types in the area rather .

  8. tim, I've seen lots of shows like this. I think Europeans are fascinated by the crazies.

    susan, I'll bet it will be on again...

    anne marie, at least it's a dry heat. LOL

    judy, oh my...

    evelyn, I don't really get SAD, but I know I feel better when there is more light.

    jean, maybe it's more of a morbid curiosity, like not being able to turn your head away from a train wreck.

    stuart, true!

    michael, me too. I have some personal experience of that. The desert is beautiful and we've spent some nice times there.

  9. Oh, Walt, those weren't just garden-variety crazies. Those were probably some of the latest crop of up-and-coming political candidates. It's going to be a long two years.


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