Sunday, January 04, 2015

It's drizzling cats and dogs

Our frosty weather is behind us for the moment. Things have shifted around and now we're back to relatively warm and wet. And muddy. Yuck. Such is the nature of a temperate climate. This photo is from New Year's Day, just last week.

This time of year, I prefer frozen ground to the squishy, muddy stuff we have now.

While we haven't really had rain, we are having a very heavy drizzle that is, at times, driven horizontal by the wind. It's not pleasant to walk in and it gets Callie nearly as wet as actual rain. Yesterday morning, as we made our way back to the house, I heard cats growling in the neighbor's yard. On inspection, I saw Bert rolling around with another cat under a tree. Callie went after them and they ran. I found Bert in the neighbor's driveway a few minutes later and almost had him when Callie came bounding back. Needless to say, Bert ran again. He came back home shortly after and took a long morning nap.


  1. Those kids - will they ever get on together?

  2. It's funny how our weather has been so similar. Yesterday the drizzle started here too. Yuk -- I prefer the sunny cold, but I suspect we are starting to need some rain.

  3. Same weather here. Our cat prefers the house on days like this. I'm glad Callie broke up the cat fight before there was blood.

  4. Just what Evelyn said.
    Plus: great photo!

  5. I love that shot ! Perfect focus.

  6. This looks unearthly, like fairy-land. Do you have any 'lutin" near by? ( I think this is the word for goblin-folk).

  7. leon, I sincerely doubt it.

    betty, we certainly don't need rain up this way. The ground is soaked and the rivers are full.

    evelyn, Bert lost some fur...

    judy, merci !

    stuart, thank goodness for autofocus (although it doesn't always work well)!

    christine, thanks!

    michael, I am certain of it. Not far away from this spot is the little spooky-enchanted forest. They may live in there.


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