Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's on tv

Certainly what was on television on Friday was pretty much non-stop coverage of the national police storming the two locations where gunmen were holding hostages. The two actions unfolded almost simultaneously late in the afternoon. You probably know the outcome, so I won't go into it here.

Mika is one of the current panelists on the talent/game show "The Voice" in France.

Suffice to say that these events have been traumatic for the national psyche. As the shock subsides and the mourning ends, there will likely be much hand-wringing and politicking in the weeks and months to come. Maybe a little Mika is what we all need. Or, maybe not.


  1. (Dare I resist the laudable but [already] over-use of the phrase "Je suis Charlie"? Zut! Trop tard!)..
    Good heavens! Is that really Mika, as fresh-faced and bright-eyed as a 1950/60s pop-star? - like Pat Boone? I think I prefer the slightly grungy look.

  2. 'Or maybe not' indeed Walt! ... but you never know this season may bring up an unexpected surprise like this one from the Italian version of the programme: (not sure if this hyperlink will work) - such a joyful, positive performance (and you can follow her progress also on Youtube, if you haven't already)

    ... also, watching events from outside France, just so sad

  3. The news from France has received wall to wall live coverage here in Australia.


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