Friday, January 09, 2015

Tomato soup

After our appetizer of snails on Wednesday, we ate tomato soup. We thawed out some of our frozen tomato sauce, made from last year's crop, and added some herbs and aromatic vegetables (carrots, onion, and celery) and let it simmer for a while. Then Ken blitzed it all with the stick blender.

Home made cream of tomato soup with garlic croutons. The cream is in the middle and hasn't been stirred in yet.

We served the soup with cream and garlic croutons, and it was so good that we ate it all. I'm sure that surprises you.


  1. What a gorgeous looking bowlful of goodness for a cold and windy January day!
    It makes me think I can't wait to have my own glut of home grown tomatoes to deal with for the freezer.

  2. A lovely respite for these cold days.

  3. Even I'd consume that with considerable gusto - mais pas d'ail, Walt, s'il te plait.

  4. I'm shocked that you ate it all!

  5. Soup makes everything better. Cream of tomato is my favorite too.

  6. jean, it won't be long!

    judy, and tasty, too.

    raybeard, garlic is a major ingredient in our house!

    bettyann, shocked! Shocked! ;)

    chris, and to think I used to eat it out of a can.

    1. I still do eat soups out of cans - except for cup-a-soups from packets..

  7. >>"and to think I used to eat it out of a can"
    Me too. Now I eat it out of a box, and I like that too.

  8. I would sell my grandmother to have this soup.


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