Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snowdrops without the snow

I noticed a huge patch of perce-neige (snowdrops) the other day on one of my walks with Callie. It seems early, but it's probably not. Still, it surprised me to see them. This morning I will have to check our yard to see if any have come up here. We have one or two places where they come up, but nowhere near the size of patch you see here (which is only part of the huge patch I saw).

Without snow to poke up through, these snowdrops have to make do with fallen leaves.

There's snow falling west of Tours this morning. It depends on which weather site is most accurate as to whether or not we will see some later as the system moves east. As usual, where we live is right on the line between snow and no snow. I'm betting on no snow.


  1. a bit early; I usually don't see these until feb/mar.

  2. A patch is up in our yard as well. I even found one crazy cowslip in flower which is definitely way too early. No doubt all down to the very mild temps we've had up to now.

  3. anne marie, may feb/mar come quickly!

    n&a, a cowslip already? Wow!


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