Saturday, January 17, 2015

What's on tv

Another week, another television guide. Gwyneth Paltrow graces this week's cover. I haven't read the article (I rarely do), so I don't know what she's up to, other than the teaser sans interdit which I take to mean a "no-holds-barred" or "nothing off limits" interview. Or, it could have something to do with whatever it is she's doing*.

I wonder how far Apple fell from the tree...

The woman in the hat in the small photo is an institution in France. She's Geneviève de Fontenay, long associated with the Miss France pageant. At 82 years old, and after a bumpy, scandal-ridden ride with the current owners of the pageant (she sold the enterprise that she and her late husband created to a corporation in 2002, but continued to run it), Madame de Fontenay is no longer part of the Miss France spectacle. She has broken off and created a new pageant called Miss Nationale and yet another called Miss Prestige National, which is now apparently going to be televised. Yawn.

*Ok, I felt bad leaving you all hanging like that, so I actually went back and read the article. Well, some of it. Ms. Paltrow's new movie with Johnny Depp comes out in France this week. But the angle of the story is that, after 25 years of acting, and at the ripe old age of 42, Ms. Paltrow says that she's now open to everything. Nothing is "off limits" in her life any more, especially since separating from her rock-star husband. Now she's got time for other pursuits, like taking on more unusual acting roles and managing a web site. Oh, and spending more time with her children, Apple and Moses. Really. Apple? Moses? So let it be written, so let it be done!


  1. Oh, yes, I'm familiar with all of these people-- that "Miss Prestige" lady, and, of course, Gwyneth and her Apple and Moses children :)

  2. i feel bad for children saddled with ridiculous names

  3. I'm sorry, I thought that was Boy George in a hat.

  4. Your tv guide is fun to see- it focuses on entertainment and stays far away from current affairs (well just a smidgen of Dakar). Paltrow has a movie coming here soon.

  5. So let it be written...from Lawrence of Arabia, I think.

    Nothing is written. The trick, Sgt Potter, is in not minding that it hurts. Aqaba by land!

    It's the only movie I've seen five times.

  6. judy, LOL!

    melinda, I used to hate my name, thinking it old-fashioned and nerdy. Now that I've become old-fashioned and nerdy (well, I was always a little nerdy), it fits!

    lynn, I can see the resemblance! :)

    evelyn, I wonder if it's the same movie. This one is not on tv, but coming out in theaters on Wednesday.

    carloyn, I know that phrase from "The Ten Commandments" by deMille. Yul Brynner spoke them so well.

    anne marie, tell me what you really think. LOL!

  7. Walt, I'm happy to learn that because I used to be a Yul Brynner fan. Now I'll have him on the brain today instead of Peter O'Toole.


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