Friday, January 02, 2015


New Year's Day was one of those nice winter days that is cold, but clear and brilliantly sunny. When I went out with Callie just before sunrise, most everything shone silvery thanks to a light layer of frost. The puddles in the road were all frozen as were the muddy spots, so Callie didn't get dirty. And the pond outside out back gate had frozen over in the night.

The pond is choked by jussie (ludwigia), but there are still some open spots where you can see the ice.

The layer of ice on the pond was certainly very thin and wouldn't support much, maybe a small bird at most. Still, the freeze was welcome. The lady that delivers bread in the morning greeted me with a smile on Wednesday. "Ça fait du bien," she said (It feels good!). The weather is changing today and it won't be as cold. We could use a few more freezes before spring. We'll see.


  1. There might have been frost everywhere, but the sun was bright and even warm! Very welcome.

  2. Walt and Ken, happy new year! I hope you get only as many frosts as you want and good weather overall. (Especially in September.)

  3. Yes, Happy New year to you and K, Walt, and not forgetting Callie, of course. (How could we?)
    Frosts are all very well - and even necessary, I believe, but please keep them all on that side of the water. Ten-day forecast for these parts (which can't be very different from yours) is that there aren't any big freezes on the way, at least not in the outlook for the next week and a half, which suits me just fine.

  4. We've had a welcome few days of crisp, cold, bright weather-- I bundled up and enjoyed a late afternoon walk on a few of the historic streets around here. You could smell the wood fires from some of the houses, and, just as I was finishing up, Christmas lights starting coming on one house after another. Just lovely!

  5. Happy New Year to you all from us too, and not to forget Bertie!

  6. I love watching the seasons turn through your photographs.


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