Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter days

January always seems like the longest month, even if it's no longer than March, May, July, August, October, or December. Maybe it's the dark days, maybe it's that the string of holidays has run its course. Or maybe it's because February seems so short. Whatever.

Callie at sunrise during a recent walk among the vines. Clouds may have silver linings; Callie has a golden lining.

The weather people tell us that we're in for a few cold days. Chilly days, rather. I don't think we're expecting temperatures below freezing where we live.


  1. Lovely picture of Callie the Collie!!
    And a nice composition over all....
    Your newsiness:
    "More accurately, I'm tired of cleaning mud off the dog."...
    She's a BC... what do you expect!!
    Just be greatfull that you live in a vineyard and there are no sheepz around...
    you don't have to clean sheep-ess-aitch-one-tee of her back...
    mine used to dive at the stuff!!
    And that is an all year round problem...
    and he HATED baths...
    but loved the seaside...
    OK, figure??!!

  2. The glowing ball of the sun behing the tree above Callie is amazing. Well done for capturing it.

  3. That's because Callie is a 'Golden Girl' ;)

  4. The lovely weather in winter . The same is at my place

  5. lovely photos the last few days (catching up....).

  6. Even in sunny warm AZ January seems long and dark. The mornings are particularly dark. but at least they are not cold/snowy.


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