Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's on tv

Battle of the bad-asses! These two guys are apparently very popular personalities on television cooking shows. I haven't seen either of them, and I watch a lot of cooking shows. But I know why: I don't like "reality" or competition shows, especially when they involve cooking, and both of these guys do that kind of show. According to the article, Philippe Etchebest is a new panel member on Top Chef, a cooking competition. Norbert Tarayre hosts a new show where the invited guest prepares his or her favorite dish without knowing that his or her family and friends secretly hate it. Lovely.

I like cooking shows that are instructive. I do not like shows that are culinary competitions,
races against the clock, or opportunities to laugh at bad cooks.

Right now I'm immersed in tennis and am not watching much else. There are close to ten hours of matches televised per day in the first week of a grand slam tournament. I watch the night session live from Melbourne in the morning, then switch over to the day sessions that I recorded overnight. It will all calm down next week as we get into the quarters, the semis, and the finals.


  1. Like you, I loathe reality shows... of any kind. Unfortunately, for me watching tennis can sometimes feel like watching a reality show.

  2. In response to your question on ADP, the brocante is La Brocanthèque in Langennerie. Drive north on the D29 from North Tours and you'll find it not far after it crosses over the A28. Enjoy the tennis marathon.

  3. I recognize Norbert, because it was his show that Amy (H.) Plum was on, with her kids. It's a shame that you didn't see that episode, I guess, eh? It involved making things out of pumpkin, and was done around Halloween, and the kids wore Halloween costumes.

    Norbert and his other chef-buddy made things out of pumpkin, that they bet that the kids would end up liking (so, I think the theme was, at least for her show, not that the guest didn't realize that the family didn't like it, but, rather, that the guest [Amy] picked a food that she knew that her kids didn't like, and it was up to Norbert et al to surprise the family with items that were made of this food that they think they don't like... but, that they would be so good, that the surprise would be that they would like them.)

    Here's the link to see it online... not available for us in N. America.

  4. I'm with you on these competitive cook-ins, Walt. I'd rather watch the grass grow, and drying paint somehow just became more appealing. Pauline

  5. I want Philipe to make me anything.

  6. Add my vote to the consensus, not a fan of reality tv. I watched Project Runway for a couple of seasons but not in years. The only thing I can say about the competition-type programs is that I like them more than the ones of annoying people behaving badly in front of a camera. That doesn't set the bar too high.

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