Thursday, January 29, 2015

Down in the valley

This is a section of the walk that Callie and I usually do in the afternoons. The river is not far from here, but we have to cross the road to get there and cars tend to fly by, so it's not something we do often. And this time of year the ground is very wet and it's no fun trudging along the muddy riverbank with the dog.

A wheat field on the left and a small vineyard parcel on the right.
There aren't many vines in the valley; most are up on the heights where drainage is better.

Wednesday afternoon was rainy and windy, so we did not venture down on this route. Rather, we stayed close to the house and took a shorter walk. Today's weather is much the same: rainy and windy. This morning's walk will be short and muddy.


  1. So this weekend you'll have the Open AND the Super Bowl..
    Predictions are that the latter could be a close one. But,
    then again, they always seem to say that only to have it
    be a bust. We'll be rooting for Seattle.

  2. You are lucky to have such lush green grass right now.

  3. It looks almost spring-like in that photo (although I know that wasn't taken on your most recent walk).

  4. Walt,
    That picture looks like a beautiful watercolor.

  5. Hi Walt, The weather guy I was listening to on France Info describing the weather for Le Centre could have easily been talking about our weather here in the land of the 2015 Superbowl champs: «De la pluie, de la pluie, et...(wait for it) de la pluie».

  6. I sense you are surrounded by lovely walks and views.


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