Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cold days ahead

It won't seem cold to most who live in winter climes, and it's really not all that cold. Still, the prediction for the next few days is for mornings at or just below freezing, warming up just a few degrees during the days. They're saying on television that this is normal for us this time of year.

A recent sunrise in the frosty vineyard. These vines have already been pruned.

You may have noticed in the sidebar that the Australian Open is getting under way this week. I'll be recording and watching a lot of tennis over the next two weeks. I've already been watching the buildup to Melbourne since the season began earlier this month; Doha, Chennai, Auckland, and Sydney are some of the tournaments that I've seen parts of. I get whatever our satellite channels show. We don't have The Tennis Channel available here (in France, anyway). But we do get two golf channels. Really.

Oh, and there's some (American) football on, too.


  1. The looks interesting in winter time

  2. And another lovely graphic picture!

    "two golf channels"....?
    That's two too many , surely to goodness!!

  3. "golf is a good walk spoiled." - mark twain

  4. We're looking forward to two good NFL games today.

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  6. Hi, Walt. The Seattle Seahawks will defeat the Green Bay Packers today at 12:05 PST. Then, it's on to the Superbowl!
    (There's a fan here in the area who has been in the news recently, sporting a very large tattoo that proclaims "Back to Back Champions". I hope for his sake, things work out that way. (Talk about putting your ink where your mouth is.)

    1. dean, don't tell me who won... I've recorded the games, but I have to find time to watch, what with all the tennis going on. ;)

  7. For US Fans:

  8. That does look chilly. I really like that early morning low sun. Well done.

  9. A lovely gelid photo. It looks like the vines are sleeping sound.

  10. Not too cold here. . . . . . yet Walt. Hopefully this will be a mild winter. The shock of the weather change returning from my southern California vacation was as I expected. Sunny warm days replaced with gray and cold days. Thankfully, no snow.
    Have a great week!


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