Friday, February 27, 2015

Down in the valley

Callie and I haven't walked down along the river in a long time. It's just too wet this time of year. I'm sure I sound like a broken record. And when it's foggy there's not much to see. We do go down into the valley through the woods in the afternoons. The path down is slippery with mud, but Callie goes mostly through the woods and I tip-toe along the path's edges to keep from falling on my butt.

Looking across the fog-filled river valley.

We cross a stream bed at the bottom of the path. The ground there is spongy, a combination of serious mole activity and the saturated conditions. But then we climb up a little onto a grassy path before getting to the road that leads up back up the hill to home. After all the mud, it's nice to walk on the paved road.

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  1. Hi Walt, I am catching up on your blog. This shot is stunning!


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