Sunday, February 01, 2015

Welcome February

We made it through the longest month. At least it always feels like the longest to me. Now for the shortest. February can also be the coldest month, but once it's over, spring is not far away. I've already noticed some of the bulbs in the yard poking up.

Freshly cut logs in the woods north of our house. I wish they were mine.

Through winter, my daily routine includes cleaning ashes out of the wood stove, gathering up kindling, splitting a few logs, hauling it up into the house, and building the fire. Then, usually, I go back out in mid-afternoon for a few more logs. This is the time of year when I start getting tired of the ritual. And the mess. Ashes seem to settle everywhere. I'm looking forward to spring cleaning.


  1. So you daily routine is boring but the positive aspect is spring is coming...

  2. It is a chore...
    and we are almost out of wood!
    This winter has so far been colder for longer...
    and the cold is about to get colder!

  3. February always SEEMS longer to me than January -- I guess because during part of January, we are still in holiday/vacation mode.

  4. Longer days and the promise of daffodil and tulip in the near future make me love February.

  5. What a shame. When I saw the image, I thought it was YOUR wood pile. As for spring cleaning, I would only look forward to it if it were someone else's responsibility.

  6. Walt,
    January and February are both the longest and dreariest months for me. But February has the advantage of being shorter and the days are beginning to get significantly longer. Already I see the green shoots of the daffodils emerging through the cold earth. Spring is coming!

  7. Real fires with wood is another aspect of what I miss about winter. Back in Michigan I had frequent fireplace fires. Oh how lovely.


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