Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Into the piney woods

The ground is a lot drier than it has been, so Callie and I ventured off our regular paths and into the piney woods that border the vineyard on Tuesday morning. She loves walking in the woods. I guess there's a lot more to sniff and smell in there compared to the tractor road. And since the sun was rising, there was more light than there would have been under cloudy skies.

Looking from under the pines out into the wild deciduous growth.

I call them the piney woods because of the large section of long-needled pine trees where we enter. Of course there are oaks, beeches, and birches, too. But in the piney section there is little undergrowth and it's easy walking on the soft rust-colored needles that cover the ground. In the deciduous sections I have to follow the deer paths to make my way through.


  1. Love that picture. It makes me wonder if it's on the outskirts of Hogwart.


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