Tuesday, February 03, 2015

It's still winter

The loft windows are frosted over this morning. Our temperatures dipped below freezing thanks to clear skies. The nearly full moon was quite bright when I was awake around 03h30. Just a reminder that we're just over half-way through the winter.

Dried Queen Ann's Lace among the grape vines.

Our crêpes were delicious yesterday. Unfortunately, I took no photos. I have some buckwheat batter left over, so we're planning crêpes again for today's lunch, but with a different filling. Maybe I'll take pictures this time.


  1. Lovely picture!
    We're looking forward to our own pancake day later this month.

  2. We've got a French-owned cafe downstairs. They serve Spanish breakfasts; Italian coffee; and home-made pastries, crepes, and fillings (which means French). So good.

  3. I do hope to see the buckwheat crêpes :)

  4. Like Judith I would like to see your Breton crepes. I love the ones with eggs and ham.

  5. jean, shrove tuesday, n'est-ce pas?

    mitch, what, no bagels? ;)

    judy, sorry, I forgot again. Ken has many photos of our past crepe adventures on his blog. Search for "sarrasin."

    evelyn, we had ham, but not the eggs, this time.


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