Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Subtle changes

The artsy organized neighbor makes little adjustments to his piles of stuff from time to time. I notice something's been moved, or there is something new, when I walk past with Callie. I haven't been by in a while since I don't really go through the woods when it's rainy or wet (which it has been a lot this winter). I took a look this week, though, and noticed a few things.

A little collection of old roadside markers. At least that's what I think they are.

These look like the kind of balises (markers) that I see all the time on the roads. They are used to mark intersections, dangerous curves, or even railroad grade crossings. They will have differently colored reflective markings depending on their specific use, but the basic balise is white.


  1. interesting post..abour our daily routine..

  2. Your neighbor is a collector for sure. People used to give my dad old plastic milk crates. We had them before they became available to buy in stores. We still use them all the time since they are sturdy and stackable. I can't think of a use for these markers, but your the collector has a one in his mind I suppose.


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