Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lost glove

I noticed this single glove on the ground a week or so ago. It's out on the vineyard road. After a few days, I saw that someone had hung it over a grape vine, probably hoping that the owner might see it if he or she passed by again. It's still there; no one has claimed it.

This glove could use a hand.

I'm enjoying this period of dry days we're in. The ground is much less squishy and Callie is much less muddy at the end of her walks.


  1. David Lynch would have a field day coming up with how that glove happened to be where you found it...

  2. "This glove could use a hand."
    You're killing me :)

  3. A nice glove - a lady perhaps?

  4. In the thoughtless frenzy of the moment, the strangler stumbled and grasped branches to break his fall. One glove became carelessly entangled and was left behind. Mercifully, the intended victim escaped.

    Sorry - - the glove photo inspired my imagination to go rampant.....

  5. gosia, lol!

    craig, I think Jon had the same idea.

    young, the possibilities are endless.

    judy, on the other hand, he had warts. (something my father always used to say)

    tim, I'm not quite sure how to sex a glove...

    jon, and it all happened so close to home! ;)

  6. The comment about a lady's glove was made by herself...
    not me....
    but the glove is haunting me...
    the browser keeps defaulting to this post every time I open it up...
    is Jon close to the mark perhaps!!?


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