Sunday, February 15, 2015

From the piney woods

As promised, the weekend has been wet and relatively warm. A look at this morning's weather map shows the center of the low pressure system spinning directly over us. It's expected to move on toward the east as the day goes on. It should be a relatively mild and quiet Sunday.

Needles and cones.

Today we're making pizza for lunch. I guess we have pizza on the average of about once a month. It's my favorite food group. We're doing the standard ham/cheese/mushroom pizza today with our home-grown tomato sauce, probably followed by a green salad. I'm already hungry.


  1. I guess you're "pining away" for that pizza, eh? ;)

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  3. I believe it is healthy with home made sauce

  4. My favourite pine... "The Scots Pine"... with salmon pink mature bark!
    Hallo, food just got into the conversation again!

    Oh... that glove of yours is haunting me...
    see the comment I left there for explanation!

  5. Pizza has to be my favorite food group too. I've never mastered a good home-made version, though.

  6. While the pizza sounds delicious, I'm uplifted by the reminder on your side bar that in two weeks it will be March. Spring is such a lovely time.

  7. Your pizza will be molto delizioso, certamente. Thank you for the reminder that spring is coming. And only a month or so after that, all the snow here will have melted.


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