Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Water tower above the fog

Here's another photo from Sunday morning. We had clear skies and low fog in the river valley at sunrise. From the vineyards behind the house I could see across the valley to the other side and this château d'eau (water tower).

This château d'eau sits on the heights across the river from our town.

This is a typical style for water towers in France (and elsewhere in Europe, from what I read). They're strikingly different from the steel constructions I'm used to seeing in the United States. Still, tower design in both France and the US varies a lot and they can be amazing, even artful, additions to the landscape.


  1. The Victorians could go in for some really impressive constructions in the way of water towers - crenellations and all. There have been a couple of TV programmes in the UK about people converting them to residences, and they turned out to be much more solidly constructed than the owners imagined and needing (of course) twice as much costly work to cut windows and fix staircases.

  2. autolycus, I saw some of that on the internet when I was researching. There's some amazing stuff out there.


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