Monday, February 16, 2015

Frosty sunrise

It's not like this now, but last week we had frosty mornings thanks mainly to clear skies at night. This morning is overcast and foggy, but above freezing, so no frost. Still, it's not warm enough to skip the daily fire, so I'm still splitting and hauling logs every morning. I'll be glad when that chore is done for the season.

The barely risen sun paints the cloud bottoms on this frosty morning.

I'm still waiting for the garden guys to prune the apples. They said they would be here in February to do it. I should go out and take some "before" photos before it's too late.


  1. Walt

    It is - 28C here . We haven't had a break since the first week of January and it has been scrunch, scrunch under the boots

  2. What a gorgeous pink hue. We need a bit of frosty, cold weather to kill off the bugs. Last year we didn't have it but, like you, we've had it for a couple of weeks this year.

  3. It's funny to be reading about you skipping today's "daily" fire, when I've got 4" of snow on the ground, and big, fat snowflakes continue to fall :) Our first real snowfall of the season, though.

  4. t.b., ugh!

    craig, I think we've had a good amount of frost and a little bit of freeze, but nothing prolonged. Thankfully.

    judy, we've only had a few flurries this year. Enjoy!


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