Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We are not perturbed

Well, not today. We're between perturbations. In French, a low pressure weather system, typically une dépression or un cyclone (what we in the US call "a low"), is referred to by the prévisionnistes (forecasters) as une perturbation. The word is used to refer to any disruption in a system. For example, a service interruption in the subway, rail, or passenger airline networks is also called une perturbation.

Frosty mornings are typical of clear, unperturbed weather.

After a couple days of calm weather, we're expecting une nouvelle perturbation later in the week. The low pressure system will bring clouds and rain to our region, and probably snow in the mountains, a good thing for the ski resorts.


  1. Your photos manage to make even bleak conditions look attractive :)
    Here's to fewer perturbations in your future.

  2. what a great word! 'une perturbation" ! hope to use this somehow soon somewhere.

  3. judy, I wouldn't say "bleak." lol

    lynn, merci!

    gosia, :)

    michael, those whacky French, they have a different word for everything! Unless it's the same.

    1. um, I realize I put an "h" in wacky. My research reveals it's a correct spelling, although old and no longer in use.


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