Friday, February 13, 2015


We've been seeing a lot more of the sun lately, and it feels good. Even though we're expecting clouds and rain over the weekend, the last few days have been nice, dry, and filled with light. I have a mental list of the outdoor chores I need to tend to in the next few weeks: prune rose bushes and lavender, dig up, divide, and transplant rhubarb, plant some early seeds (like radishes) under a cold frame, clean up the firewood mess under the carport (we now need the carport for the old car so the new one can go into the garage). All this before spring cleaning and the serious outdoor stuff gets going.

Early morning sun lights up the trunks of the tall conifers near the piney woods.

The moles keep pushing up new hills, so I will have to deal with those, too. But I don't expect to cut the grass until the end of March, so I can ignore them a little while longer. I'm also waiting for the garden contractor to come and prune the apple trees, which he said would happen this month.


Pour your heart out! I'm listening.