Monday, February 02, 2015


Well, that wraps up another Australian Open. Murray was showing great in the first two sets, the second of which he won. Then he just fell apart and Djokovic cruised to victory. I was rooting for Mr. Murray.

A vine twists up a sapling in the nearby woods.

This morning I'm in media blackout so that I don't learn the outcome of the Super Bowl (American football) before I watch it this afternoon. I've been reading that Seattle is the favorite and is likely to win, but since I come from the Northeast, I'm rooting for New England.


  1. My brother in New York was cheering for the Patriots, as well (odd for a New Yorker). He's I'm sure a happy camper today.

    Great photo!

  2. I hope you enjoyed it, Walt :) Did you have any friends over? Did you have finger food? Did Ken watch, too?

  3. mitch, it's a good thing I didn't see your comment before I watched the game!

    judy, we had dessert crêpes while the game was on, and no, Ken didn't watch. But I did enjoy it!

  4. Hi, Walt. It really was a great game, but I didn't care much for the ending. I should have followed your lead and gone into (and stayed indefinitely in) "media blackout".

    1. dean, I enjoyed the game, too. I was a little bummed when I figured that Seattle had sewn it up. What a bizarre final play!


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