Friday, February 20, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

Most winter days can be put into one of two categories: frosty paws or muddy paws. This day was a frosty paws day. Today, on the other hand, is a muddy paws day. Some days can fool you. What may look like a frosty paws day often turns out to be a muddy paws day. It all depends on how hard the frost is.

Callie with frosty paws.

If it's just barely freezing, the puddles have no ice and the frost melts on Callie's feet. She picks up sand and mud just like on a muddy paws day. Then, upon our return from the walk, it's into the shower for a rinse-down (Callie has her own shower in the utility room). When it's really cold, there's no melting, no sand or mud, and no need for a shower. I like those days.

Much more rare is the snowy paws day. When there's snow, her feet get covered with little snowballs. Snowy paws days require a warm rinse to melt the snowballs before Callie can go into the house. We haven't had a snowy paws day in a couple of years.


  1. Couple of frosty-cold nights coming up, Walt, so keep Callie well wrapped up. Had hoped that we might by now have passed Winter. Silly me!

  2. I prefer frosty paws. Luckily at my place is Spring now. 10 degrees

  3. raybeard, she's got a good coat, so no problem there!

    gosia, it's not quite that warm here yet.


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