Thursday, February 05, 2015

Round and round

The artsy organized neighbor has a second trailer in his collection that I hadn't noticed before. I'm assuming it's a new acquisition. The first one is still there. I can't tell if he actually uses them or just has them. I certainly have never seen them being pulled around. It's possible he could use this flatbed to move firewood, since it's parked behind a wood pile. And I did notice that a bunch of wood has recently been removed from the pile.

An old flatbed trailer that looks to be in good shape.

It's still cold in the mornings with light freezes. Puddles in the vineyard are usually iced over in the morning. Callie can still find the one with the thinnest ice and punch through, getting her paws wet and consequently picking up sand and mud. Maybe she enjoys getting rinsed and dried every morning.


  1. "with light freezes".... and icy breezes!!

  2. Just seen some photos on a blog written by someone
    who lives quite a way south of you. Beautiful snowfall,
    and it's still coming down.

  3. tim, the wind is even icier today.

    sheila, we were spared.


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