Thursday, September 24, 2015

Morning fog

We had some fog on Monday morning. When I looked out the window before our walk, it looked pretty thick. Once outside, I noticed that the fog layer wasn't thick at all; I could see blue sky if I looked straight up. But there was enough fog close to the ground to reduce horizontal visibility. I could see the sun rising up orange through the fog.

Monday's sunrise over the vines.

Grape harvesting has wound down. There was a frenzy to get everything in just before, and just after, that big rain we had last week. I saw two harvest machines out back yesterday, and there are still some grapes to be picked, mostly the late-harvest whites and one plot of black (red) grapes that I know of. The weather is changing and the vineyards are taking on their first hints of fall color.


  1. Oh how lovely, thank you for the smile. =)

  2. Gloriously mysterious. Fog tends to do that.....

  3. chm, merci jeune homme !

    jacqueline, you're welcome!

    autolycus, I thought it looked too much like smoke at first.

    evelyn, :)

    gosia, thanks!


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