Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bell tower

This is a detail of the church of Saint Eustache in central Paris. The current building was "completed" in 1754, a rehab of the building that was constructed in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The church's south tower was never finished. This bell tower is atop the roof of the Chapelle de la Vierge (Chapel of the Virgin) behind the altar at the eastern end of the church.

Based on the orientation of the weather vane, I must have taken this picture from the rue Montmartre.

The church is right up against the old Quartier des Halles, the central market halls of Paris, until the market was relocated to Rungis out near Orly Airport and the halles were demolished in the 1970s. For years (including 1981 and 1982 when I lived there), the church was on the edge of a huge construction site and not particularly accessible. Now the area south of the church is a large open space with great views of the building.


  1. I lived half a block behind here on Rue Montmartre for two months in 2006. My dog Bondi used to play with other dogs right in front of the church of an evening.
    When I visited there in 2013, the Les Halles redevelopment turned the area in front of the church into a big construction site again.

  2. poor fellow; we sometimes would mangle his name as St. Useless.

  3. mike, that's cool. I think the recent reconstruction is close to done, if not done already. I want to go back and see it.

    michael, lol!


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