Sunday, December 13, 2015

A vineyard staple

These are agrafes (staples) that are used to tie vine canes to their support wires in the vineyard. In most cases, the single cane that is left after pruning in bent horizontally, then fastened  to the wire with these little metal rings and a mechanical stapler. Year after year, the staples accumulate on the wire. This bunch is gathered up against a post.

Staples from years past.

Ken and I went to the market on Saturday morning and ordered our Christmas turkey. We'll pick it up at the special market day on Wednesday the 23rd. We also got a bunch of coques (cockles or little clams) for our lunch yesterday: linguine with white clam sauce. They were delicious! There'll be another special market day on Wednesday the 30th, so we'll go and get some oysters for New Year's Eve then.


  1. I did not know this; I learned something.

  2. You make even rusting staples look beautiful. We used to always have home-made oyster stew on New Year's Eve. Haven't done it since moving here. Maybe it's time.


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