Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday fifties

Out among the vines behind our house is a line of acacia trees. In spring, the white flowers are fragrant and their petals carpet the ground as they fall. At this time of year, their seed pods fall and split open, exposing the little bean-like seeds.

One of hundreds of acacia seed pods on the vineyard road, 50mm, f/3.2, 1/125s, ISO 250.

Thursday was a chilly day. Our high temperature was around 5ºC (around 40ºF), but the lows were close to freezing. I spent the morning screwing little hooks into the rafter beams on the front side of the house. Then I strung up some holiday lights. Up until now, I've been wrapping the light string on the deck railing. But this year I decided to string the lights up along the roof line. I worry about teetering on ladders, but this wasn't too precarious a job and I survived to tell the tale. I'll try to take photos of it at some point.


  1. So I guess I won't complain that it's only getting up to 17C here today (but just thought I'd mention it). Gorgeous photo (so what else is new...). Great eye, great aesthetic, great photography!

  2. I thought Acacia are native to Australia, mind we have exported many things, including pest species. Holiday lights? It is holiday time too in France, in winter?

    1. Andrew, you're right about Acacia being native to Australia. In fact, what Walt is talking about here is a tree native to the US which is called Black Locust in English. In French it is called Robinier faux acacia, which is probably why it is wrogly called Acacia. The scientific name is Robinia pseudoacacia. It's in the Pea family.

  3. I like acacia trees. You're lucky to have them around you. Love the photo!

  4. mitch, 17º? That's summer talk!

    andrew, imagine that!

    chm, your other comment got removed with the spam. Blogger does it automatically.

    craig, they're nice in spring, when they flower. And the leaves are a pretty yellow in the fall. :)


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