Wednesday, December 30, 2015

To market, to market

I'm going into town this morning to buy some oysters for New Year's Eve. Saint-Aignan is having another special market day in advance of the holiday, an occasion for feasting late into the night. We won't be feasting late into the night, however, but enjoying our réveillon at lunch time. We'll probably be snug in our beds well before midnight.

Ivy on a birch tree.

We're expecting a drop in temperatures and some rain over the next few days. I've got to gather up some kindling and put it in a dry place when I get back from the market. We're having left-over turkey pot pie for lunch today, so there's not a lot of preparation to do.


  1. Nice ivy photo- To you and Ken- happy New Year's Eve Eve from Eve ;-)

  2. evelyn, thank you! And the same to you and Lewis. :)


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