Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday macros

From what I can find in our mushroom book, this is un coprin chevelu (coprinus comatus), known as a shaggy ink cap or shaggy mane mushroom in English. These are supposedly good mushrooms to eat young, but this one has gone beyond that stage. I see lots of edible youngsters out there, pushing up from under the leaf litter. I won't be trying any.

Coprin chevelu, 100mm (macro), f/2.8, 1/250s, ISO 3200.

I've noticed that many of my macro and 50mm shots have very high ISO settings. This often makes the images "noisy" or grainy. I can fix that a little in post-processing, but the end result is never as crisp as I'd like. The reason for the high ISO is that the camera is hand-held when I take the photos. The light level is often very low during our morning walks this time of year, so I need a wide aperture and a fast "film speed" to get the exposure right. Not to mention that I need a fast enough shutter to minimize the effects of camera shake. I think that if I used a tripod, I could lower the ISO, close the aperture down some, and use a slower shutter for a crisper photo with more depth of field.

This morning is the chilliest morning we've had in a while with a temperature of 4ºC (about 39ºF). Not very cold for a late December morning. Normally we'd see temperatures much closer to freezing (0ºC) early in the morning. Our unusually warm winter continues.


  1. Great pic Walt...
    I love these...
    when fully shaggy they cannot be mistaken!
    Make a wonderful vegetarian "chicken" risotto...

    I just bought a relatively cheap monopod [£4.99]...
    [ ]
    it makes a lot of difference...
    and is a good walking aid, which a tripod isn't...
    it isn't for all day, everyday use... not at that price!
    If you want that.... Manfrotto do one... 97€ including ball and socket camera mount.

  2. Stunning photo. 4C?!? Too cold for me!

  3. Love the mane on that mushroom! Also love an extra minute of daylight today. We'll soon be noticing the longer days....

  4. nice mushroom in Poland temperature is the same

  5. judy, I got lucky!

    tim, I do have a monopod and a decent tripod. I'm going to try to use one of Ken's "mini" tripods for ground-level photos and see how that works. Carrying the big ones on walks is no fun.

    mitch, it feels warm to us, LOL!

    evelyn, I can't wait!

    gosia, it's a warm winter in many places.


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