Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday fir

I found two little fir saplings outside our fence one year. They were no more than a few inches tall and I was going to cut them down with the mower, but we decided to put them in pots. They're about a foot tall now and would likely be taller if they were not in pots. I think we'll plant one of them in the ground soon. We've picked a spot where it won't shade anything important. If we don't like it, we'll remove it later.

One of two little potted fir trees.

The stores and markets are humming with activity as people all around shop for their holiday meals. We did a little on Saturday and we'll head out again on Wednesday to pick up the turkey we ordered for Christmas day. We still make our meal on Christmas day, American style, rather than on Christmas eve, French style. I'd rather eat a big meal mid-day than later at night before bedtime.


  1. I miss having a real fir tree in the house for Christmas. We decided that it would be tempting fate to have a tall thing covered in shiny and dangly objects in the house with Daisy around!

    1. Bertie doesn't pay any attention to our Christmas tree. Nor does Callie. Hope you are enjoying yourselves, wherever you are!

  2. What about trying to train into a Bonzai?

  3. There's always been something special for me about discovering little upstarts like that and giving them a proper place.


  5. Happy birthday tomorrow Walt! I will always remember it because December 21st was my Mom's birthday too. She died in May!
    Have a wonderful, special celebration! (Hi to Ken!)

  6. Happy birthday and enjoy your steak, greetings from Perth WA.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALT! and look at the cute "charlie brown tree"! I wish you and ken and the furkids a joyeux noel!

  8. Thanks for the birthday greetings! :)


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