Monday, December 07, 2015

Monday macros

I thought this chestnut (I think) leaf looked like the blade of a table saw. In screaming yellow. We had a light frost on Saturday morning when I had the macro lens out. Frost changes everything.

Frosted leaf in the grass, 100mm (macro), f/2.8, 1/160s, ISO 640.

On Sunday we visited our closest wine cooperative which was hosting what they call a marché de Noël (Christmas market). It's a special event where local (and some not so local) artisans gather to sell their products. I saw a goose farmer, a goat cheese producer, a man who sold hazelnuts and walnuts and assorted products made from them, honey makers, and a baker. We bought some snails from a snail farmer from up near Blois and a bottle of calvados (apple brandy) from a distiller in Normandy (not local). Then we spent some time tasting wine -- it was a winery after all -- and brought home a few bottles. The event wasn't very big and it wasn't too crowded, and everyone was friendly and happy. All in all, a very nice time.


  1. Stonkin' bit of observation....
    makes a superb macro!
    Love it!!

  2. Wine tasting - nice! - one of our favourite things to do in France. Were there any good local reds?

  3. Amazing how different the world looks up close.

  4. Well, now, that's certainly not who you'd run into at a local winery around here :)

    Ditto what Mitchell said :)

  5. Snails -- if I remember correctly, you bought snail plates in Paris a few years ago.

  6. tim, thanks!

    susan, LOL! Good one!

    suecee, I'm sure there were, but I didn't get to those. I tasted four whites.

    mitch, true. Sometimes it's scary...

    judy, lol.

    ellen, I did, indeed, and we used them yesterday. :)


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