Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday fifites

The calendar is moving closer to winter, but our weather seems to be stuck in fall. I think this is normal. The solstice and end-of-year holidays are fast approaching. Decorative lights are up in most of the towns around. Scenes of festive feasts and kids with new toys flash by on television and in the flyers we get in the mail. So we expect it to be winter before it arrives. Then, once it finally gets here, we can't wait for it to go away. The reality is that our temperate-climate winters here are not of the Currier & Ives variety so familiar to Americans. We haven't seen snow in a number of years. For snow and winter activities, one has to go up into the mountains.

A birch tree, 50mm, f/4.0, 1/125s, ISO 1000.

The wireless thermostat continues to work normally in its new location, which is on the dining room table. Not a single failure since Tuesday.


  1. I like the looks of those little tree triangles. Well captured!

  2. Are you happy, aesthetically, with it in that position?

  3. Pretty photo. I'm typing on my laptop with a cat in my lap- not an easy thing. I hope the thermostat doesn't get knocked off of your table.....

  4. Such great news about the wireless!

  5. Currier & Ives? I see. Snow and horses, a steam train on a postage stamp.

  6. stuart, thanks. They caught my eye as well.

    potty & judy, it's ok, but it will need to be moved for guests.

    evelyn, it's not precariously perched, just lying there like Flat Stanley. lol

    mitch, let's hope!

    andrew, ah, I suppose they're not well known down under!


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