Sunday, December 27, 2015

Periodic puppy pics

Two in a row! This is Callie on Christmas Eve, all excited anticipating the arrival of Puppy Claus. Not. She was snoozing under the coffee table and was gracious (or lazy) enough to let me take a couple of pictures.

Callie lounges in the morning sun with her tricky treat ball and the waistband from an old pair of sweat-pants.

The weather continues to be lovely, or freaky, depending on your perspective. I haven't had a fire in many days. I wonder how much longer this will go on. Still, we have January and February to get through. I'll bet it will get cold before too long.


  1. Wonderful picture of Callie, it's funny how they have favourite 'toys'. After three years a soft big headed Shrek is looking a bit rough so we managed to get another to introduce and retire the old one. The top of a pair of sweat pants would have been easier to source! Looking to the future we bought two new ones and the other is put away for Xmas 2018 plus.

  2. They all love to find their spots of warm sun. Everyone's saying that the weather will soon be getting
    cold reminds me of the constant refrain that Donald Trump's lead in the polls will soon plummet.

  3. We're having weird weather, too. We've had so much rain the past couple of days, that if the temps had been as cold as they normally are this time of year, we'd have a couple of feet of snow. It's just cold and raw right now, and we do have a fire going again, in the wood burner downstairs :)

  4. Great picture of a beautiful doggy! We had one of these treat balls, but only one of our dogs played with it. After she died, we gave it away. Dogs either like (get) it, or they don't. ;)

  5. mitch, I agree!

    potty, when you find something that works, you stick with it!

    sheila, yup. And yup.

    judy, I put a fire in yesterday. It was just on the border of feeling chilly, so I thought a fire would be better than letting the heat come on.

    michael, thank you!

    elgee, Callie took to the ball right away and it's been her favorite toy for over 8 years now.


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