Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jive turkey

Today makes the fifth day in a row we will have enjoyed our Christmas turkey. Ken's making a mushroom and barley soup with turkey broth and some chunks of turkey meat. Yesterday we had a turkey pot pie. And I'm not tired of it yet. We have more broth for the freezer, and bits of turkey skin and other parts that Callie will eat.

A stand of small trees in the woods where Callie and I often walk.

I had a fire in the wood stove on Monday afternoon. It wasn't cold outside, but the house felt a little chilly, so rather than have the heat come on, I built a fire. I let it die out in the early evening as the living room got up to 21ºC (almost 70ºF) and it felt warm.


  1. Beautiful photo! Here in Montreal, Canada, the weather has been warm as well, and winter has finally hit today in the form of a snowstorm.


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