Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday lights

Not the best of photos, but it gives you the idea. I strung lights up over the weekend, the first time I've put them along the roof line (where the rain gutter is, not at the top!). In past years I've just wrapped the string around the railing on the deck, but this year I wanted a change.

The foggy evening gave the photo an eerie blue cast.

Putting hooks into the ends of the rafters was much easier than I thought it would be, especially above the deck. The part above the kitchen window was a little trickier because I needed the extension ladder, and that always makes me a little nervous. I know I could never have been a roofer. Those guys climb up and down as if they were spiders.


  1. Yesterday while looking for some Xmas lights at the store, I came upon some clever plastic clips which
    attach to gutters and provide an open channel into which the lights can be inserted. Saves one the trouble of inserting those hooks. I agree with you about the ladder bit, uneasy just watching someone
    else on one. Your house must be the star of the hamlet.

  2. Beautiful! I see people wrapping railings like yours vertically nowadays which is also a nice effect.

  3. the simple decorations but so lovely

  4. judy, we do our best (which is not very much!).

    sheila, I know that they exist in the US, but I haven't seen them here. I should look on line...

    evelyn, I had some of those "icicle" lights in SF, and now I'm seeing them here, too.

    gosia, simple is often better (but not always!).

  5. Magical! I have no problem with ladders, except when I have to climb off/on one to/from a roof. So, I guess roofing will not be my next career either.

  6. Lovely! We are in the midst of window replacement, and while there is scaffolding, it is still scary watching the guys scramble around carrying these huge window frames. A few were so high (using a ladder on the balcony) that all of them refused, and the supervisor had to do it himself!

    Hopefully Ken spotted you while you were on the ladder....

  7. mitch, I was ok in SF with our flat roof, but these steeply pitched ones are not for me.

    christine, he did spot me, from inside the kitchen window. Ooops.


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