Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Drip drip drop

A minor weather system moved through on Tuesday, bringing us a little rain. Not much at all and with no wind, thankfully. I was able to get outdoors and do some minor cleaning up in the garden while it was still dry. Earlier in the fall I had set out concrete tiles under the winter squash to keep them off the ground. So, now that the squash are harvested, I wanted to gather up the tiles and put them away. And I pulled the remaining tuteurs (stakes) out of the ground and put them away as well.

These are dew drops, partially frozen, that I noticed on guide wires in the vineyard on a recent frosty morning.

There is still the rose pruning to do, but that will wait for a while. And I need to trim up the lavender and sage bushes at some point during the winter. Since my elbow has been hurt, I haven't done the hedges. The elbow is getting better, very slowly, so some time before the spring growth starts I will get those hedges trimmed. Not the tall ones, mind you. Just the low hedges that I can trim without a ladder.


  1. I noticed that the tendril in this vine is dextrogyre ; some other vine would have it levogyre!

  2. Or is it a wire that I took for a tendril? LOL

  3. Do you have tennis elbow? Hope its better asap.

  4. At my place the weather is rainy too

  5. Hope your elbow recovers quickly. There's a lot of work to be done. Oh, I love that word -- tuteurs -- I'm going to use it as often as I can today.


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