Wednesday, December 16, 2015


As usual, there is still a lot of green to be seen around us. Aside from the evergreen trees, that is. This time of year, our grass is deep green rather than the parched brown of summer. Small plants on the edges of the woods continue to grow, although there are fewer of them this time of year. And that includes some ferns, even if most of the big ferns in the forests have gone brown.

December ferns.

I put up the holiday tree on Monday, added the lights on Tuesday, and today I will hang the baubles and other decorations. We had the heating people in yesterday to look at our wireless thermostat problem and they agree that the base unit is not properly located. They're coming back on Thursday afternoon to relocate it so that its signal won't be blocked by the boiler itself. I'm hopeful that the fix will give us more flexibility in where we can place the remote wireless unit. It's intended to be movable, but right now there's only one place where it works properly: on the dining room table.


  1. Ahh, good to know that the boiler people are on it. DR table does not seem like the best spot to have to have your remote wireless unit LOL.
    Ferns... love them :)

  2. I guess it's a remote unit but not a portable remote unit... Glad to learn the problem might be resolved.

  3. The ferns look great in Decmeber

  4. judy, no, it's not the ideal spot!

    mitch, it's supposed to be portable...

    gosia, I agree.


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