Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

The oyster run on Wednesday was successful. I got to the market early, and there were no crowds. "Ça va arriver tard aujourd'hui," is what the guy said when I mentioned that there weren't many people about, predicting that the market would get more crowded later in the morning. That was fine with me.

Wild berries on the margin of the vineyard.

I made two mini-loaves of rye bread to serve with our oysters. We'll also have a Caesar-style salad to go with them. We'll finish up some walnut-raisin biscotti that I made a few days ago for dessert. Then Ken will start preparing the beans for our New Year's Day meal of cassoulet with duck confit. I'm sure he'll have some pictures of that to share on his blog.


  1. Happy New Year, Walt. Keep those close-ups coming in 2016.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog. We're having snails and cannette for our NYE meal. Healthy eating starts next week!!

  3. Thank you for another year of lovely posts. I hope you both have a happy and peaceful New Year.

  4. Hi Walt, just want to introduce myself as a new follower after lurking for a few months. I found your blog from Mitchell is Moving - he has the best followers and fellow bloggers! So Happy New Year to you and Ken from Wilma and Dennis in Belize. I am looking forward to more glimpses of your life in France over the coming years. Cheers!

  5. bonne annee 2016 en france, walt and ken! here it is 6:35p, so we have some time to kill before the new year begins.

  6. sheila, thank you.

    f.d., thanks! Sounds tasty!

    sharon, thanks, and same to you!

    wilma, thanks for the kind words. Happy new year!

    gosia, you, too!

    anne marie, merci! Enjoy!


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