Sunday, August 21, 2016

More trail views

My friend L and I encountered a group of kids with adult chaperones at the waterfall. They lingered and we made our way past them. Otherwise, there were very few people on the trail, so it was a very pleasant walk.

Part of the group ahead of us on the trail.

The well-worn trail with the cliff rising up on the right and the valley falling off to the left.

More people on the trail near the waterfall.


  1. Wow, these have been amazing views of this trek! I missed a few days, and scrolled back from the beginning.

  2. Love reliving the day through your pictures. What great photos!

  3. This likes an amazing and splendid hike.

  4. judy, you've no doubt been busy with la rentrée!

    l, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad we did it!

    michael, it's not long and it's not strenuous. Splendid, indeed!


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