Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ça commence !

It's beginning! There are several little zucchinis on the plants in the vegetable garden. Some of the first ones get to the size of a small pickle, turn yellow, and then fall off the vine and rot. But when they get to this size, chances are they will keep getting bigger until I pick them. With three plants, we should have a good crop all summer long.

A zucchini with the blossom still attached. It's about five inches long at this point.

A thunder storm passed by us during the night and it rained pretty hard for about half an hour. Tasha didn't get freaked out at all. We got fourteen millimeters in the gauge, just over half an inch. That will help things along after the week-long hot spell we had.


  1. That is one beautiful zucchini. We had delicious fresh zucchini in a lunch salad yesterday. This one looks equally good.

  2. Mmmm....ever stuff and fry the flowers?

  3. mitch, it's exciting at first, but by the end of July we'll be wondering how ELSE to eat it.

    susan, I haven't, but one year a guest did. They were delicious!

    judy, yay!


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