Friday, June 09, 2017

Spring cleaning

It's still spring, so we're still cleaning. This week I've worked on the living room windows. I took the curtains down and washed them. Then I washed the windows, inside and out, of course. Winter's fires in the wood stove make for a lot of soot inside, even if you don't notice it while it's happening. It feels good to get it all cleaned up in the spring.

Washing windows while watching the French Open on tv. The curtain rod is on the floor.

I'm a little late this year because of the new puppy. It's hard to get things done while tending to her. But we realize that we are, in fact, getting things done. So life is good. Bring on summer!


  1. What a great space and beautiful backdrop. We just washed our windows yesterday. Such a difference when you can actually see through them!

  2. I don't like the sound of soot inside. Central heating doesn't cause soot, nor does a decorative electric or gas fire. Winter is here for us and it is hard to get motivated to clean, but come Spring, we will.

  3. Can I come on over and have a cup of tea on the patio? Dreamy....

  4. I don't see any puppies or kitties in that picture...quelle dommage! :(

    but it DOES look inviting and cozy!

  5. mitch, I never look forward to the chore, but I love the result. Actually, these windows are not really difficult to clean.

    andrew, winter is the time to hunker down and not worry about it. Here, there are not enough light hours in the day during winter to see the dirt. LOL.

    linda, as soon as we hire some wait staff! ;)

    anne marie, they were afraid of being put to work.


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